Key Features

Multiple Payments

Customer satisfaction is the key factor for attaining heights in your business. With Rental Slew multiple payment option the customer will be able to pay the rental cost for advance booking in milestones ranging from 1 to 5 payments. The customers is also provided the provision to request the owner to alter the due payable amount.

Long Team Rental Management Software

Rental slew is a comprehensive cloud based Property management system including both short term and long term rentals.We carry your business to heights with our innovations. Our long terms rentals management software helps to store data of all the property listings, reservations and guests in a single dashboard.

No Time To Host

Is your customer having no time to hosts their guests ??? Help your customers in providing the best hosting facilities to their guests. Rental slew's "No time to host" provides mutual benefits for you and your customers. Happy hosting!!!

Amazon Server

Our Rental slew software is a comprehensive cloud based system, that can easily be set up in Amazon cloud servers.Using rental slew clone you will be able to store data of all your listings, reservation and guests in a single dashboard both in local and cloud server.

Smart Communication

There is a higher probability of losing the most valuable clients due to communication gaps. Rental slew allows you to engage your customers in a much faster and efficient manner, hence avoiding the risk of losing reliable clients. Our smart messaging helps to combine all your guest communications into a single place, automate the communications with your guests, keep them engaged with our pre-defined templates.

Channel Management

Rental slew helps you to view the all the upcoming bookings in a single dashboard by syncing with the most popular short-term rental booking channels like Airbnb,,Expedia etc and help you to run your business smoothly.Our interactive iCal interface helps you to changes prices quickly, plan your maintainance and view upcoming booking etc.

Guest Reservation

Rental slew maintain all your guest information like guests contact details,guest reservation etc. in centralized guest book.View all the instant booking requests,accept or reject the reservation request from your guests in a single pane.

Booking Options

Our booking management system allows the guests to book both short term and long term rentals. Our booking process is straightforward and efficient hence making the whole process simple. Rental slew maintains all the booking information in a single place, allowing you to track your past, present and upcoming bookings.

Advanced Search & Filters

The search & filters allows the guests to search the vacation home of their interest. Our Advanced searching system provides Instant auto complete suggestions thus making life better than before.

Advance Booking

Rental slew helps your customers to book their vacation home well in advance hence planning is been great and easy.

Chat Support Between Hosts & Guest

Rental slew enables communication between the hosts and guests and allows to track the previous messaging history.

Payment Gateway

Integrate your preferred payment gateway for reliable collection of accommodation charges,along with reservation fee and commission fee.

Brand New Listing Page

We have improved the look and feel of the listing page provide better user experience.

Create Listing

Rental slew scripts provides easy steps to create listing with precise data.

Manage Reservation

Admin manages all reservations related actions to support host and guest.

Refund To Guest

Admin can refund the payment to guest when a request is declined or cancelled.

Cancellation Policies

Allow host to choose available Cancellation Policies to handle cancellation of reservations.

Reviews & Rating

Host and Guest can leave reviews & ratings after the checkout to maintain quality.

Currency Converter

Our Rental slew script comes with Integrated Currency Converter which helps guests to convert native currency to foreign currency.

Security On Booking

Guest must have their ID Proof verified before they make any bookings.

Edit Listing For Admin

Admin can edit any listing to help the hosts to complete their listing, making corrections.

Manage Listing

Hosts can manage their listings in an efficient manner with rental script. Hosts can add, modify or remove their listing from a centralized location.

New Reservation & Trips

We have improved the Reservation & Trips sections to show past and upcoming events.

Social Share On Listing

Social Share feature on the listing page can encourage your users to make it more social.

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